Dear diary,


I came to Tokyo to visit Charles, I can’t calculate how long i haven’t see him, it is too long even i couldn’t  count it.

he gently took me to a restaurant as usual, it is a bit countryside but quite unique traditional Japanese restaurant, because this time he change to a new place, not in the same hotel that he stay before, and it is a little bit far from town.

We went through the corridor at the end of the bar, that is a L shaped bar , I sat at the corner, and he sat on my left hand side, we directly facing a place which offer our dishes, that is slightly higher tatami, master directly offers dishes from the rear place.


we drink some sake then chat with some staffs, suddenly, Charles turned his face stare at me, his face come close mine, i can feel his lips covered on my lips, takes a bit bitter with sake, i was thinking is that proper we kisses public in Japan, but I could not refuse him, so I closed my eyes to enjoy his kisses.

My hand reach to his thigh and grip his leg strongly because i feel so extreme missed him, he cuddle me as well. At this moment, feeling like a bullet straight shooting me heart,

"I miss you so much" I caress his face and whisper


Then we back to table, a waitress came inside and said "it is snowing out there!"

He holding my hand and led me to outside, i am so exciting because it is snowing,  we looked up at the falling snow, it is so small so melting, crosses fall on our shoulders, head, and I reach my hand try to catch the snowflake.

"Is snow!"

He saw me so excited like a child with smiling, he come to hug me and lift me up, then we giggled like a teenager couple.

I feel such happiness when i in his arms, i bow to kiss him, holding his face and gaze at him into his heart, when he holding me in outside with snow, everything as cease at that moment


He seems keen to back to hotel to enjoy our time, I asked master how many dishes still served, master told me there still have six dishes, I asked him if he wanted to takeaway then we can back to hotel, but Charles didn’t say any word but smile to me.


so i tell myself eat them quickly, and i found Charles a bit drunk, i take out my camera when he go to toilet, I want to take a picture of his coat beside the window, i take everything about him, just want to make some memories to record every single moment with him.



 to be continue.....................................





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