I am not an emotional person, always appear as a warrior in front of people, not attempt to pretend that i am strong, is because i don't wanna let myself into misery, but it doesn't mean i was always so brave, so bright. In fact, i live in a positive way with a darkest inside.

    These weeks i found a famous series drama in TW, i'm afraid to c that, just like the great Gatsby, a sensitive topic i can't touch, not because the situation i got right now, is the knot in my heart for a long time, since my childhood, since my memories grown into my mind so deeply.


     Haven’t been written my blog for a while, nor my story, review from the beginning of story several days ago, the scene almost can reach when I close my eyes. both of us are reasonable person, maybe it was because we r lack of crazy so led into a sorrowful way, something happen these days, and it sentimentalized me, if we can own a little bit courage, would it change right now?


  How about we meet the right person in a wrong time, what should we do? If that I fated to meet you, why have we suffer such sadness? Should I suppress or chase? after we touching our soul. 


  Maybe I still like a little girl in ur eyes, and I spoiled myself, to be affectionate in front u, now i only wish that story were prolonged wildness, till it blazing my soul out.




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