Recently I watched a TV series, Tyrant. The cruel scenes reminded me on so many memories of this genre, the reason why I got interested in this topi was the novel The Kate Runner, after that, Khaled Hosseini's second book A Thousand Splendid Suns, every time I reread them, I always shed my tears, and it echoed and root inside my heart.

Therefore I start to read that genre, Im very shocked that women rights in the Middle east is so pathetic stunted, impedes in every way to expand their own right, I saw women  treated like rubbish, more than I could image, how can a person live in such depressed circumstances or even be raised in such a hatred country.

I always believed religion is built for the good, not for controlling, yet religion seems to become a method of power seeking, so many news, stories reveal a horrible reality, those radical people provoke each other even children with their religious excuses, to create so many brutal crimes, of course not only women suffer in this world, also the kids and men, who have been taken by fanatics to train to become a human weapon, its heartbroken, its sad but it is still happening.

I took “Middle eastern film” as a course immediately once I had a chance, not because of feminism or woman rights in the Middle East. What really caught my attention – presented trough many metaphors was the movie “Bliss” from Onus in 2007. Which shows a different side of religion. It is about a girl who has been violated as a village custom, the girl has been sentenced to death to protect the family’s reputation. At first I was in total shock. “Who on earth would manipulate other people to kill an innocent girl?!”
Another Movie I saw was “Osama” from Barak 2003 which was about a girl who was sentenced to death by a religious court for pretending to be a boy to work outside in a military training school. In the end she had been sold to an old man who bought girls like her just to look them into a room to hold them hostage as his wife’s.

According to this genre, the audience can witness how woman in the Middle East become a trading good or a “man’s property”, they can’t even escape otherwise they will face mostly death.

We see similar things pretty much every day on TV but most of the times we can’t change anything since it’s their “privacy” and “right” to “discipline” their wife. Woman in such a country can just silently tolerate their circumstances and try their best to support their family even if that means they have to sacrifice themselves for that.

I always think that woman shouldn’t be forced to live like that and try to fight against these “hijab”, yet it is made by religion. Not only has the Middle East had a problem in that regard. Most countries have many hidden problems and unspoken rules, controlling their people by “invisible words” The “sutra” is so unsuitable and out of touch with reality, yet we got this awful detention by tradition.


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